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Local Adventure Experiences

Although we are tucked away in the quiet mountainside north of Chiang Mai, there are lots of local adventure experiences that you can explore to make your visit even more memorable. So make the most of your stay by checking out what Northern Thailand has to offer.

We can arrange all of the following actives, experiences and day trips for you.

sticky waterfalls.jpg


We have numerous stunning waterfalls is the area that make for a nice day of exploration and cooling off!

the most well know is the Bua Tong Waterfalls or "The Sticky Waterfall in Chiang Mai" this waterfall is unique because it spans over 3 different levels and is made up of sticky rocks that allow you to climb up and down between the different levels.

sticky waterfalls.jpg

Temple Visits

 Explore the in-depth Buddhist culture with visits to some of the local temples and Monasteries.

Wat Banden is a local favorite also known as the "Blue Temple".

Elephant Sanctuary

Visit the best elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai and experience these these majestic animals up close in a Ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly sanctuary.

kanta elephant sanctuary.jpg


Chiang Mai is known for its great rivers flowing from the north. Book a half-day or full day of rafting and tackle the mighty Mae Taeng River.

Rafting tours are often done as a package together with ATV Adventure

Hill Tribes

Visit some of the Local Karen Hilltribe communities, where villagers still live in traditional stilt bamboo houses and grow/farm their own food. Learn about Karen culture and their fascinating way of life!

ATV Jungle ride.webp

Quad Bikes

Adventure through the local jungle on 4 wheels.

An easy-going ATV adventure through some of the jungle and mountain side of Chiang Mai. Suitable for all experiences and families welcome

Bicycle Tour

Jump on a bike and make your way around the local area. Pass by green rice fields with mountain backdrops and drop into a coffee shop to say hello to the locals.

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