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Meet Ning. She is known best for her kick-ass yoga classes and homestyle Thai cooking classes! She is the backbone of True Nature and loves sharing her simple approach to life and the peaceful, natural environment that she and her mum developed together. 


Ning wears many hats on a daily basis and takes on many of the roles and tasks that need to be done, she can be a yoga teacher, a mother, a tailor, a farmer, a cleaner, a builder, and the master chef who serves up all the delicious hearty food at True Nature all on the same day!  Without her, it would never be possible for True Nature to exist.

Ning grew up in a poor rural part of North-East Thailand, her parents were farmers and at a young age she was pulled out of school to work with the family. During this period she was forced to grow up quickly and developed skills in farming, growing food and tending animals. Here she developed a strong bond with the animals that she cared for and learned how to live a simple life with simple values.


As an adult, Ning lived in Bangkok for many years with her 2 children and worked long hours as a tailor. When her employer closed down she moved to Chiang Mai with her daughter to make a fresh start. Here, away from the big city lights, she started a new phase in her life. She began to practice yoga, to re-reconnect with nature and animals, and to get back to the simple life that she led in her earlier years. 

for many years In Chiang Mai, Ning managed 2 yoga studios and her own vegetarian/vegan cooking school. Most recently she and her mother developed the land that we now know as True Nature Chiang Mai where enjoys being a gracious host and meeting the various people that visit. 

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