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About True Nature

True Nature is Located 45 minutes north of Chiang Mai city in the natural setting of lush green mountains, rice fields, and banana plantations. Here we offer our nourishing and rejuvenating yoga and meditation retreats, along with in-depth yoga teacher training thailand programs, meditation immersions and eco-homestay living experiences 


True Nature is a family owned and run Retreat Center in Thailand, you can read about all the members of the team here (read about us here). Together We had a vision that we wanted not only to create for ourselves, but to share with others.

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slowing down

take a step back from busy schedules and pressures of life, get off the rat wheel of chasing all the things you think will make you happy, and take some time to relax, breathe freely and experience life from a new perspective of balance and harmony. By slowing down and tuning in, we can naturally begin to re-align with our true nature and step back into a much simpler, free flowing and conscious way of living


Adjusting how we live in order to respect, co-exist and thrive with the elements of nature. For us this means growing and producing what food we can ourselves, respecting all animal and plant life, living in simple housing that does not ruin the natural surroundings and utilizing what we can from the natural environment around us. Its always been said that nature provides everything we need to live well, so let’s give it a try
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Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation are the practices that give us a framework for how to be free and content in the world, they guide us to live peacefully, from the heart and with clear intention. They are a means for us to understand and experience who and what we really are in the world.


We Built true nature from the ground up as a family, and that's exactly how we plan to keep it. We love sharing our simple way of living and we have no interest in growing into a commercial size retreat center.
When you come for a retreat with us your not just a guest passing through, your part of the family and you will feel the love from the moment you enter the gates.
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Homestay Retreats

What exactly is a homestay retreat anyway? We coined this term to represent True Nature because this really is our home and where we live with our 4 lovely cats and 3 happy dogs. We are not putting on a 'High end" or "fancy retreat' with lots of bells and whistles. This is just simply the way we live, and we are overjoyed to share our 'retreat style' way of living with you.

The Property

Our property has an organic garden that we care for to grow a variety of vegetables, free range chickens that produce eggs and an abundance of fruit trees that provide fresh fruit year round.

As we have mentioned before our property is not a glamorous 5 start retreat with amazing villas or a huge swimming pool, we have simple yet wholesome values that we live by and our property reflects that.

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