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Our Food Philosophy

The Food at True Nature is delicious, healthy and wholesome.  We tap into the rich tradition of Thai cuisine along with some healthy western and Italian favorites. All of our food and ingredients are organic,  locally sourced and in many cases grown right here in our very own garden.  All of our meals are vegetarian or vegan options and we are flexible to support  those with special dietary needs. 

 Living in balance isn't just about yoga and meditation, it also applies to our relationship with food. How our food is grown, how its prepared and how its consumed all play a role in our health and wellbeing. In this way you can expect the meals served to be aligned with our philosophy of simple balanced living.

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Whats on the Menu

Our menu changes all year round to suit the seasons, but you can be certain of one thing. Ning will be serving up delicious wholesome home cooked meals daily. 

For lunch & dinner expect an abundance of Stir fry's, curries and soups, accompanied by assortment of fresh salads and fruits. breakfast includes fresh fruits, mixed muesli, granola, oatmeal, smoothie bowls, fresh eggs and more

Our Chef

Along with many other roles at True Nature, Ning is the resident in house Chef.  She puts plenty of time and effort into her organic garden where she grows a variety of food throughout the year.

Ning prepares each meal with a sense of love and gratitude, she draws from her long time knowledge and creativity in the kitchen to keep things fresh and new all the time

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Ning's Cooking Class

Once guests have been enjoying  Ning's cooking for a few days, they cannot resist the idea taking her cooking class and learning to create their own delicious Thai food.

Ning's cooking class is a fun way to you learn all the tips and tricks of preparing a variety of Thai cuisine with out taking things to seriously

Make Your Own Pizza Night

We are the only retreat center in the whole world that hosts a "make your own pizza night" well maybe not in the whole world, but its possible :P

At True Nature every Saturday night is pizza night! load up your pizza base with your choice of homemade sauce and fresh healthy toppings then set it down over the hot coals to cook "Thai Style."  The result, a thin crispy whole wheat pizza ready to be enjoyed with friends

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