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The Taste Of Thailand

Nings Kitchen - Cooking School Chiang Mai has officially moved to the mountains!

Ning has been sharing her passion for Thai cuisine for many years, she is highly experienced and loves sharing the secrets of all the tradition Thai food dishes! learn more about Ning here


Pad Thai


Fresh Spring Rolls&Peanut Sauce


Green curry

Some Favourite Dishes

Ning's Kitchen Thai cooking class

Learn all your Thai favourites with a fun veggie spin!

Ning's cooking class is a fun, easygoing & light-hearted affair that includes lots of learning, tasting, eating, and laughing. You will be introduced to many fresh Thai ingredients and when in season pick them directly from our organic garden. You can expect to enjoy plenty of hands-on cooking experience with lots of variation between stir-fries, soups, curries, appetizers, and yummy desserts.

You can choose up to 4 dishes to prepare and cook in the open-air kitchen, along with a take-home copy of Ning's personal cookbook so you can bring your new Thai cooking skills back home to share with friends and family.


When cooking we always keep our philosophy of healthy living in mind, because healthy eating starts in the kitchen. For this reason, we use high-quality organic ingredients and brown rice to ensure meals are highly nutritious and delicious! We provide an extensive menu to choose from which includes all of the well-known favorites like Pad Thai, papaya salad, fresh spring rolls, and more.

About the class

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