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About Us

Hey, we are Ning, Adam and Family :)

Before we started True Nature, we lived in the city of Chiang Mai where we ran our yoga studios. Freedom Yoga Chiang Mai, Hidden House Yoga Chiang Mai and Ning’s Kitchen Vegetarian cooking school Chiang Mai. All of these businesses were closed down during the covid pandemic and despite the possibility to re-open them, we instead decided to move away from the city and develop a plot of jungle land in the mountainside north of the Chiang Mai's Old City. Here we started creating our long term vision of creating  small, family Homestay and Yoga/Meditation retreat center We spent the next 2 years gradually developing this land into what we now call True Nature Yoga & Meditation Homestay Retreat and we hope you have a chance to come and enjoy it with us.

As a family run retreat center we run all aspects of our Yoga retreats and homestay From the yoga & meditation classes, the preparation of the healthy food, right through to the property upkeep and maintenance. We value simple balanced living, connection with Nature, and the Nourishing practices of yoga and meditation. 

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