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Our Yoga & Meditation 

In a True Nature yoga retreat we offer everyone that walks through our gates the opportunity to experience the powerful positive effects that yoga and meditation can have on our lives. 

Our goal is to watch you walk out of our retreat feeling more empowered and more at peace than ever before, spreading those vibes far and wide

 So Whether you are new student just starting off your journey on the mat or a seasoned yogi with many years of experience under your belt, we welcome you practice, learn and grow with us. Together we have over 20 years of teaching experience so you can be sure that we will meet you where you are on your journey, support you in your practice and guide in the right direction. 

Below you will find a detailed description of the yoga and meditation that we share with you on retreat.

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The Yoga

"Yoga is a light that once lit will never dim"

During retreats, yoga classes run twice per day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Morning classes are focused on building vitality, energy and making you feel alive. You can expect elements from Vinyasa, Hatha and Alignment-based yoga carefully sequenced to energize, invigorate, stretch and strengthen the entire body. These classes are suitable for everyone and will allow you to explore your own limits in a safe and supported manner. We will always offer multiple variations and adjustments to choose from so beginner to experienced students will always get what they need.

Afternoon classes are a unique mix of yoga therapy, restorative, mobility and yin yoga. These sessions are like a deep release for the physical, mental and emotional body. We will use fine-tuned exercises in breathing, along with the help of various props and yoga equipment to allow the body to naturally release, unwind and let go of deep physical and emotional stress and tension.

These sessions give us a unique opportunity to build an intuitive relationship with the body, We can start to feel where we are holding excess stress and baggage, or where we have developed blockages and bad postural/energetic patterns, and start to use our yoga practice to release and heal.

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The Meditation

"Anyone can learn to meditate, all that's needed is the desire and willingness to learn"

During Retreats there will be 2-3 meditation sessions daily, but you are welcome to do more in your free time if you wish.

The concept behind our meditation sessions is not to just stick to one strict style of meditation or blindly follow 1 technique. Instead, we aim to share with you the simple nuts and bolts of meditation that can be applied to any style, technique or even your daily tasks.  In this way you are empowered to develop your practice with a firm base of understanding & insight.


Meditation sessions will include teachings, discussions, feedback, and journaling, all of which will help make meditation an accessible and enjoyable experience. We place a large emphasis on not just isolating meditation to sitting on our cushion with our eyes closed, but how we can bring meditation into our everyday activities, bringing with it a sense richness and connection into our lives

if you are completely new to meditation and mindfulness, our retreats are a great place to begin. We practice in an easy-going and relaxed setting with time for questions and feedback. If you are already a regular meditator, our retreats will help you in continuing to refine and develop your practice.

Prices From - 2000 THB

Per person, per night - all-inclusive

3 Nights Minimum

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