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Oum (Peter)

Oum (Peter) is Ning’s Brother.

He is from the same rural area of Isaan where he grew up and spent most of his adult life.

Peter joined the Trie Nature team in 2023 when it became obvious that Adam, Ning and Yai needed more help to maintain the property as the number of guests joining us for yoga and meditation retreats in Chiang Mai continued to grow. Since this time Peter has become what we call the “doctor of the land” helping us with what has been our biggest challenge, maintaining and developing a 5-acre plot of mountain land without any prior experience.

Peter lived most of his adult life living of his large family land in rural Isaan. Here he grew rice, farmed chickens, pigs, cows and goats, grew fruit and vegetable plantations, breed fish in his ponds and much more. He has a strong connection to the land, animals and a simple natural way of living.

With his past experience and work ethic Peter has been a huge part of developing our property to what it is today. He has designed water catchment systems, built more roads and pathways, installed multiple solar power systems and even built some of our new guest houses. But most importantly Peter has added to the foundational family values that True Nature is built upon.

Peter is also a guest favorite; he is young at heart and always ready to smile and chat and get to know guests. His English is limited but he is learning more and more each day and using google translate 😊. Peter lived most of his life away from any kind of tourism and he is now fascinated to learn about other people, their countries, lifestyles and traditions.

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