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Yoga Teacher Training

start your journey of self discovery

Aside from our Chiang Mai Yoga Retreats, True Nature leads Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand  twice per year.  Our experienced in house team created this Yoga Teacher Training course to offer aspiring yoga teachers and seekers a carefully crafted, transformational and in-depth learning experience that not only sets you off on your new journey as a yoga teacher, but that sets you up for a life of balance, clarity and purpose.

In a time where yoga has become a commodity, full of bells and whistles, glamorous influencers and sales pitches, we are dedicated to offering authentic, intimate yoga teacher trainings in Thailand with a maximum 12 participants. Each course is designed to give students a deep understanding of modern day yoga practices, whilst honoring and transmitting the universal truths that these practices have been rooted in for thousands of years.

"There are only 2 mistakes one can make along the path of truth, not going all the way, and not starting at all

- Buddha

View full details of the True Nature Yoga Teacher Training Chiang Mai here

Course Hightlights

Multi-Style Training

During this 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training you will get exposure to a variety of  yoga styles and methods. Our main focus is to provide students with a fully comprehensive understanding of the dynamic Vinyasa form of yoga and the more grounding Hatha Alignment form of Yoga. Students will finish this training with confidence to teach multi-level classes in both of these forms of yoga.

Students will also get the opportinity to practice and explore yin yoga, restorative yoga, mobility routines, myofascial release, yoga therapy and more.

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The Meditation Module and Meditation practices are a point of emphasis our program. While most yoga teacher trainings in Thailand barely scratch the surface of meditation, we take a deep dive into the theory of meditation and practice meditation twice daily throughout the entire duration of the program.

you will get exposure to mindfulness meditation and how to bring mindfulness into everyday life, Buddhist philosphy on meditation and Buddhist meditation techniques. In the final week you will learn to guide group meditation sessions and facilitate open discussions and sharing

The Art of Teaching

The True Nature TTC is designed to ensure your success in becoming a yoga teacher. you will start teaching specific elements of class from the very first week and gradually build up to teaching a full yoga class of your own creation. We will provide you with all the necessary tools, techniques and knowledge to become a confident, clear and comprehensive yoga teacher in the modern world

 we are all different, that's why we don't put you in a box or force you to teach yoga only one way. Instead we help you find your own authentic style and voice that feels natural and effortless for you.


Philosophy for Life

Yoga philospoghy is not just something that gets sprinkled in with a yoga class, its actually what makes yoga.... well yoga. Without the philosophical elements and understanding we would simply be doing fitness excersies on a mat.

Our yoga Philosophy modules are practical, insightful and applicable to modern day life. Through lectures, discussions and practical excersies. We will look at the philosphy behind the practise by studying the main schools of philosphy that have shaped yoga over the course of its existance and explore how these philosophies are still very relevant in living a life of balanced, intention and contentment

Yoga Alliance Certification

We are a fully certified and registered yoga Teacher Training School in Thailand. 

We certify our graduates with a Yoga Alliance teaching certification which is recognized world wide

Upon completion of our training you will be eligible to register as a Yoga Alliance Teacher.

Learn more about Yoga Alliance

The Venue

Our Yoga Teacher Training in thailand Course takes place twice per year at our family run retreat center True Nature. Nestled into the mountainside of Northern Thailand, our center creates a unique blend of retreat lifestyle and Thai culturanl immersion.

  True Nature is based on simple modest living, in tune with nature and supported by the life changing practices of yoga and meditation.

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Prices from $2000USD

Maximum 12 Participants

August 26th - September 20th 2023

Who Should Join This Thailand Yoga Teacher Training ?

If you are looking for training that will guide and challenge you on your personal journey of growth, insight and self-discovery than we encourage you to enquire about our Yoga Teacher training in Thailand on offer.

If you are looking for a glamourous training that is more focused on image, perfectionism or luxury, than we encourage you to look elsewhere as it is likely you will not connect with our vision and philosophy.

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