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YuYe (Melisa)

YuYe is Ning’s daughter, she is the next generation that we hope will take over True Nature one day when we get old and want to slow down.

YuYe grew up in Bangkok but moved to Chiang Mai at the age of 14 where she continued her schooling. She is a bright young woman who loves art, nature, baking and like most teenagers enjoys indulging in movies and video games. She worked 2 years at a local bakery in Chiang Mai so Her baking skills are out this world. If your lucky you will get to taste her blueberry muffins, brownie balls or snickers bar.

YuYe helps True Nature with all the logistics of arrivals, departures, check ins and check outs. She will most likely be the one who shows you to your room when you arrive. She also fills in wherever help is needed whether it’s being a kitchen hand at breakfast, cleaning rooms after guest departures or being the local tour guide for some of our excursions. She will often accompany guests to the waterfalls guiding them to all the best hidden spots, or be the in-house photographer for people who visit the elephant sanctuary.

Yuye is another animal lover of the family, her favorite being cats. She has nursed many sick kittens that we have found back to health. She is very so shy so please chat with her as often and frequently as possible

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