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Yoga Retreat Chiang Mai Thailand

Yoga Retreat Chiang Mai

True Nature - Yoga & Meditation Homestay Retreat

Welcome to True Nature Chiang Mai

True Nature sprouted from the desire to create a Family Style retreat center where health, balance, and well-being could be priority and focus. An environment separate from the busy, stressful goal-oriented lifestyle dominating society, towards one that flows with ease and harmony. Our philosophy is to cultivate a simple balanced life in tune

Yoga & Mediation, Retreats, Programs & Trainings 

Join us for a nourishing yoga & meditation retreat in Chiang Mai, Be at peace around amongst breathtaking nature in a quiet mountain village and take a chance to soak up all the benefits of daily practice, workshops and community activities. Our retreats center programs offer a unique immersion into everything yoga, meditation, balance, community and wellness.

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Homestay Retreat Chiang Mai

Visit us for a laid back break from your busy lifestyle and relax in the surroundings of picturesque nature and mountain views. Perhaps take a cooking class or one of the many local adventures experiences. All while enjoying the simple pleasures of our Eco homestay run by Ning & Yai

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Yoga & Meditation Homestay Retreats Chiang Mai

Come as a guest, Leave as a friend

3 Nights Minimum- Daily Yoga, Meditation, Workshops, Activities & More

Choose Your Room

4 Unique Homes... In the Moutains... Waiting for You

What Our Guests Say

Jane, Spain

Wow such a beautiful place, so glad i came to visit and stay here. The birds singing in the morning and the lovely animals they have just make you feel the love, and the 4 houses are super cool. I will come back for a yoga and meditation retreat when they start in January.

Gary, Australia

I had the pleasure of staying 3 nights at this amazing retreat. I don’t have enough words to describe how peaceful it is. I’m not a professional yogi nor meditator but going to True Nature with and open mind has a been a life changing experience. Thank you so much for all the wonderfull food, the patience and effort in teaching me yoga and the meditation techniques you taught me that I will use every day. You guys are doing an amazing job keep it up and good luck. Chok dee) See you again. Gary.

What Our Guests Say

About True Nature


Our Place

True Nature Chiang Mai is a little slice of heaven tucked into the lush mountainside about 45 minutes north of Chiang Mai.  built on the philosophy of simple balanced living, we created true nature to share the life-changing practices of yoga & meditation through our  yoga retreats Chiang Mai, immersions and trainings.  Our programs are insightful, inclusive and catered to small, intimate groups of maximum 12 people, they are suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced long term practitioners

Who Should

Visit Us?

If you are seeking a 5-star glamorous style yoga retreat center in Chiang Mai, or looking for an indulgent and pampering retreat experience, then we suggest looking elsewhere as you may not connect with our vision & philosophy.

If you are interested in slowing down, experiencing genuine simple living with a Thai family, being surrounded by nature, mountains and animals, while exploring the in-depth practices of yoga and meditation, then you will feel right at home joining one our yoga retreats or enjoying our relaxing Homestay Chiang Mai

Family Run,

 Top to Bottom

At True Nature we have an organic garden that we care for to grow a variety of vegetables, free range chickens that produce eggs and an abundance of fruit trees that provide fresh fruit throughout the year. As a team of three people we run all aspects of our retreats and homestay, from the yoga & meditation classes, through to the preparation of the healthy meals. We stay committed to running as a small family based Retreat center, we believe this is what makes our place unique and what ensures our guests enjoy a warm, family experience.

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